Polymathic solves industry problems with product development.

We build products that change how employees perform their everyday jobs within an industry. No longer underserved by technology and innovation, these industries can focus on generating revenue, increasing efficiency, and creating jobs.

Every great problem has a story, and Polymathic uses research, design, and software engineering to serve each narrative with thoughtful web and mobile applications. The right technology (choosing the best tool & stack for the job) seizes opportunity and moves an industry forward.

Marcy Capron

CEO & Bosslady

Hello Bar

Industry: Marketing Tools
Stack: Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, AWS, S3

Hello Bar

Hello Bar is the industry standard for web marketing conversion tools for both the everyday blogger or sites with hundreds of thousands of visitors a day. Hiten, Neil, and John of the Hello Bar team funneled their sales knowledge from launching Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics into a product that elegantly converts visitors in mere seconds. We’ve been with Hello Bar since day one and it has grown hundredfold in users and counting.

Rebecca Miller-Webster

CTO & Captain of Feelings


Industry: Construction
Stack: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Google Maps

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Déja Augustine

Lead Software Engineer

Caretaker Leadership: Badass Lemonade

Marcy Capron, CEO, at TEDxDePaulU

Annie P. Ruggles

Director of Client Experience

A Call to Arms:

Chicago's Product Ecosystem

What is Intrapren- eurship?

Pretty Quick

Industry: Beauty Services
Stack: Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, Stripe, Twilio

Pretty Quick

After years in the beauty industry, Coco and Shreena saw a clear need for a technology-agnostic, web-based platform to allow spas and salons to increase their off-peak bookings. Consumers are able to earn rewards while booking the best spas and salons from a mobile app. PrettyQuick utilizes geolocation and filtering to efficiently sort through many beauty offerings, while using text messaging to bypass the noise of app notifications. PrettyQuick was acquired by Groupon in 2015.

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Frameworks for Feedback

Rebecca Miller-Webster, CTO, speaks at RailsConf 2016

America Calleros

Software Engineer

Increasing the visibility and leadership of women in tech

Rebecca Miller-Webster, CTO, at TEDxRiverNorth

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WatchTower Benefits

Industry: Insurance
Stack: Ruby on Rails, Ember.js

Meara Charnetzki

Software Engineer

Chris Cortez

QA Engineer

University of Chicago UrbanLabs

Industry: Education
Stack: Ruby on Rails, AWS

Chicago Techweek CTO Discussion Panel

with Marcy Capron, CEO

Kaitlen Exum

Lead Project Manager

Digital H2O

Industry: Oilfield Water Management
Stack: Ruby on Rails, Grape, Ember.js, Zombie

Digital H2O

Brandon and Piers of DigitalH2O brought environmental expertise to us in 2013 in hopes of tackling a big dream: enabling cost-effective and sustainable use of water in industrial processes. With an initial product offering that truly shook up the status quo, we were able to help the DigitalH2O team raise a significant seed round and pursue their cause in the oil and gas industries.

Sean Corbett

Senior Software Engineer

Amy Cowin

Office Manager


Industry: Water/Energy Conservation
Stack: Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, S3


McGee Young’s MeterHero is a triumphant example of pivoting according to market feedback. What began as an educational tool for children and homeowners became a rebate system, rewarding families for reducing their water, gas, and/or electricity consumption. MeterHero employs sophisticated user interaction and utility data to provide real solutions nationwide, especially in areas hurting from a lack of resources.

Isabelle Carr

Executive Assistant

Reality Check:

Running a business is hard. Really hard.

In Tech Field, Women Struggle For Equal Pay

CBS News segment featuring Rebecca Miller-Webster, CTO.

5 Ways to Stop Talking about Underserved Entrepreneurs — and Start Serving!

Stephen Wooten

Senior Software Engineer

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Pete Jabbour

Software Engineer


Industry: Craft Beer
Stack: Ruby on Rails, Stripe, S3, SES


In 2012, Henry, Andrew, and Giotto began MobCraft — the world’s first completely crowd-sourced brewery — and by the time they came to us in 2014, were ready to scale and become a proprietary platform. Today, the MobCraft team produces 12 new beers per year. These beers are produced from winning consumer recipes submitted in a monthly contest. MobCraft is currently focusing on their brewing operations in Wisconsin, distributing in more US states, and adding features to their voting system.