Polymathic engineers products for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and executives.

Technology & Innovation for Every Industry

We consider problem-solving our career, and product development our medium. We partner with our clients to optimize business efficiency, modernize an industry, or redefine a company's future – in the form of a web or mobile application.

Marcy and Rebecca

Best Team + Best Clients = Best Products

We've been praised for both our new-fangled tech and old-school values. We know your product isn't just software to you - it's your reputation, livelihood, and legacy. In our 6+ years, we have built 30+ products spanning many industries. On behalf of our clients, we've created hundreds of jobs, fundraised over $10 million, and helped accrue at least double that in revenue. And we've done this without any of the cutthroat antics you've seen on Shark Tank or heard about from your friends in the Valley.

Marcy Capron Vermillion, CEO & Rebecca Miller-Webster, CTO
America Calleros
Software Engineer
Amy Cowin
Office Manager
Annie P. Ruggles
Director of Client Experience
Bill Welense
Lead Product Designer
Chris Cortez
QA Engineer
Deja Augustine
Lead Software Engineer
Isabelle Carr
Executive Assistant
Jack Thorne
Senior Software Engineer
Kaitlen Exum
Lead Project Manager
Meara Charnetzki
Software Engineer
Sean Corbett
Senior Product Developer