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Polymathic builds software for entrepreneurs solving problems, private equity firms incubating products, and established companies looking to innovate. Our philosophy, "Innovate now, hire later," reduces the barrier to entry for new ventures—creating a superior product in less time.

We've reinvented contractual product development. More time- and resource-effective than salaried hires, our experienced staff becomes your team for as long as you need. Our proprietary R&D system runs on transparent accountability and works seamlessly with the challenges facing modern R&D. After launch, we tap into our rolodex to hire your in-house team, and transfer the knowledge of your product to its new home base.

We build the software, you run the business. It's as simple as that.

Innovate now, hire later

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We’re hiring! If you're a mid- or senior-level Rubyist (in Chicago or Atlanta) & think you're a good cultural fit, please give us a holler!

Hello Bar is the industry standard for web marketing conversion tools for both the everyday blogger or sites with hundreds of thousands of visitors a day. Hiten, Neil, and John of the Hello Bar team funneled their sales knowledge from launching Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics into a product that elegantly converts visitors in mere seconds. We’ve been with Hello Bar since day one and it has grown hundredfold in users and counting.

McGee Young’s MeterHero is a triumphant example of pivoting according to market feedback. What began as an educational tool for children and homeowners became a rebate system, rewarding families for reducing their water, gas, and/or electricity consumption. MeterHero employs sophisticated user interaction and utility data to provide real solutions nationwide, especially in areas hurting from a lack of resources.

Brandon and Piers of DigitalH2O brought environmental expertise to us in 2013 in hopes of tackling a big dream: enabling cost-effective and sustainable use of water in industrial processes. With an initial product offering that truly shook up the status quo, we were able to help the DigitalH2O team raise a significant seed round and pursue their cause in the oil and gas industries.

In 2012, Henry, Andrew, and Giotto began MobCraft — the world’s first completely crowd-sourced brewery — and by the time they came to us in 2014, were ready to scale and become a proprietary platform. Today, the MobCraft team produces 12 new beers per year. These beers are produced from winning consumer recipes submitted in a monthly contest. MobCraft is currently focusing on their brewing operations in Wisconsin, distributing in more US states, and adding features to their voting system.

After years in the beauty industry, Coco and Shreena saw a clear need for a technology-agnostic, web-based platform to allow spas and salons to increase their off-peak bookings. Consumers are able to earn rewards while booking the best spas and salons from a mobile app. PrettyQuick utilizes geolocation and filtering to efficiently sort through many beauty offerings, while using text messaging to bypass the noise of app notifications. PrettyQuick was acquired by Groupon in 2015.

Dissatisfied with the options available to his family-owned salon, Jim Trahanas sought to build a better word-of-mouth engine for small businesses. In 2015, Rifird became that solution - offering merchants a fully customizable way to reward their loyal patrons for spreading the word. By utilizing text message notifications and a free iOS app, Rifird converts customer praise into business development opportunities while providing trackable metrics.

The Twigtale team charmed and comforted parents while participating in the Techstars+Disney incubator in LA. Twigtale’s customizable books allow parents to discuss serious issues with their children, such as upcoming divorce, illness, transition, and tragedy. Carolyn and team have done a magnificent job joining forces with authors and child psychologists to tackle a very clear but sensitive need in society.

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